Roundup 2019

Roundup 2019

So this is 2019 and this is our annual Roundup!

Many amazing things happened this year… so let’s go in order 😃

The first one would like to say thanks to all the artists of our label for their cooperation and cool music! Hope to see you in 2020 on Kiwistage!

And now special moments:
The best tracks of 2019 on Kiwistage was “So Beautiful” from Swiss producer Fenox, over 600 000 plays on YouTube.
Also “You Know Why” from German duo Alpha & Crown (Trafoier and DJ Jan Dee), over 100 000 plays on YouTube. “I’ve Been Here” from Belarussian duo Freaky DJs & FATE feat Kira Dekker, over 50 000 plays on YouTube and “Going Down” from British producer Jubly, over 10 000 plays on Spotify now.
Inspiration of the year track “I Kinda Like You” from Dutch producer Indy Seven.
Best bass vibes of the year“Eclipse” from German producer Xram and “Vibe” from British producer GYRØ.
Best tropical vibes of the year“The Ones” from German producer Trafoier.
Best future vibes of the year“Connected” from Dutch producer East & West and “Show Me How” from Danish producer LasLas.
“Most groovy track”“Grotesque” from Canadian producer RiCh and “Bring It Back” from Swiss producer Fenox. Congratulations!

And now here will be a lot lot thanks 😊

Many thanks to the German cloud VPS hosting company for the cool work! We joined you only 7 months ago, but these are the best months in the life of our website! We wish you 99,999% uptime and more customers!

Many thanks to our distributors: Label-Worx and Symphonic Distribution for quick answers, support in compilation and your services! We look forward to a long cooperation!❤

We also want to share the news that we joined SubmitHub a month ago and now officially we have our own page. Thanks Dylan and Jason 🙏 We wish good luck to your service!

Thanks to YouTube channels Miss DeepShine, EDM Machine, Trap Madness, aero, Distraction, Chill Republic, Bass Plus Muzic, Vibe, Czech Vibes Sound and many more for the great support of the tracks of our artists! We wish you a diamond button!

Thanks to the radio stations Kiss FM, Radio Record and DFM for support of our tracks 📻
Thank you Beatport for so many charts with us this year! We wish you long work and interesting ideas!

Happy New Year, see you in 2020!

Kiwistage Team.

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